Bruce Riley sets a special relationship with his works, every movement flows hypnotically and seems organic like a colorful melody. His paintings are full of life, just as Nature. And it´s precisely the natural performance of every drop moving on the canvas, that spreads out this magical harmony.
A self taught artist, Bruce creates abstract forms with dripped paint and poured resin. Without forcing the brushes, just by letting them flow freely he evokes the movement of nature. 

The way he talks about art matches with his creative process, which is simple and subtle. While you are listening to him, you connect with a genuine and inspiring artist who gives a ritual meaning to his work. In a recent interview he explains how we all are artists, defining creativity as something innate to all human beings, not exclusive to those who are art professionals. 

“Being in the eternity of the moment is the experience that most influences my life, art and ideas. The past and the future look to be human constructs. Everything is whole and present in the moment. How do I access the “everything at once” of the moment without destroying the connection with my memory based thinking function? How do I straddle that line between eternity and death? What does that pursuit allow me to see.” Interview by

Selected Exhibitions:
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati; Cleveland Center of Contemporary Art; Southern Ohio Museum; Butler Institute of Art, Akron; Miami University Art Museum; New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Selected Awards/Grants:
1989-90, Pollack-Krasner Foundation grant; 1991-92, Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist grant, Cincinnati Arts Allocation Committee grant; 1992-93, Arts Midwest/NEA Regional Visual Arts Fellowship Award.