Under Armour

Attitude clothing

“I Will what i want ” is not just a tagline, it´s the language of the brand that is  challenging the best , and it´s  winning.

Under Armour signed by Kevin Plank, a football player during the mid 90´s, describes itself  as “the next generation brand”. They has overtaken Adidas,  and it´s on the second place on the sports brands ranking in the US , just behind Nike.


Under Armour was born 1996, when Plank with his own savings ,created a new subcategory of clothing which helps keep athletes cool, dry, and light in the most brutally hot conditions. The brand performs research focuses on take care of the athlete and offer maximum performance. Technologies as Grippy,  Realtree, MPZ, DNA, FootSleeve and the recent UA SPINE VENOM RUNNING SHOE represent the continuos product innovation.