An opportunity to acquire expertise in the Fashion and Communication

The 27th March 2015, Piaggio Foundation and Institute Modartech, organized the conference “Design & Technology – design, plan, communicate and sell. ”  A conference characterized by a dialogue with fashion  industry and communication professionals, which will turn to high school students in central Italy to describe the market scenario, starting from their own direct testimony and highlighting the orientation of educational courses after graduation to enter the working world with the skills which are actually required in the field of creative and productive business.

In the “Area Modartech”  staged at the Museo Piaggio, there were interviews hold by the journalist Betty Barsantini to the protagonists of the day.

During the event,  Scholarships Institute Modartech were launched. A call that, through the participation in a creative contest, allows the access completely free of charge, to certain courses offered by Institute Modartech. The project proposals will be evaluated by a jury made up of industry professionals and journalists.

Riccardo Costagliola, President, Foundation Piaggio
Liviana Canovai, Councillor of Culture – social policies educative- youth policy – equal opportunities, the City of Pontedera
Alessandro Bertini, Director, Institute Modartech
Alessandra Carta, Artistic Director, Institute Modartech
Fabrizio Ricci, Research and Development Fabrics – Head of Quality Fabrics, Peuterey – brand Peuterey, Geospirit and Post Card
Irene Della Maggiore, Manager Materials Analysis Laboratory – Area non-metallic materials, Pontlab
Catherine Rorro, Marketing & Communication Director, Lectra Italy
Marco Serpilli, Founder & CEO, WARDA
Giuseppe Bistoni, CEO, Archive Store
The fashion journalist Alessandra Lepri moderates the meeting.