“Collecting, arranging and making things have been a part of my life since I can remember”

Born in the Netherlands, grown in South Africa and settle in Australia since 1980. Christle Van der Laan ´s  jewelry brings the exoticism of cultures and environments collected in her life journey.

“Parts of the Story”

 “I have become more interested in achieving subtle dynamic tension between compositional elements in my work and by spending time focusing on creating poetic visual language without the constraint of having to make finished pieces, I hoped to stimulate my process and enrich my practice”.

In 2008, she was drawn to a piece of ceramic honeycomb that for years had been sitting unobtrusively on her workbench. Usually a soldering aid on thousands of jeweller’s benches around the globe, she began to imagine and explore the new world of possibilities concealed in each 15 × 10 × 1cm block.

In her recent work she explores and experiments materials with an emphasis on making parts and components that later will combined as complete works.