Woman Trend Book Spring Summer 2017

We rediscover ourselves for Spring-Summer 2017. Next season sees an atmosphere common to all four trend proposals for Woman Shoes: the concept of sustainable development, the promotion of policies to safeguard the environment and how we can manage resources to preserve them for future generations.


Feeling that we are still a part of this sensitive nature of magic reality in the coziness and safety of our homes, lived in by real people. Calm lifestyle, a naive sentiment to freeze time, relaxing with a certain air of nostalgia.


Culture understood as the crossroads and fusion of various identities, maintaining however intercultural codes in a single identity. Overlapping continents. Global and nomadic.


Simplicity, purity, new luxury that involves all senses with all types of intense tactile effects as a point of strength. Sophistication. Meditation, contemplation of the modern.


Web-based and intimate metropolitan culture, exploration of art in an urban habitat of experimentation as a new creative field.