PArC  2016  returns  to  the  Museo  de  Arte Contemporaneo de Lima for its fourth edition. Over 40 galleries from 10 different countries. Perú Arte Contemporaneo – PArC 2016’s goal is to be an international stage for the best of abstract, concrete, neo-concrete, kinetic and conceptual art movements from Latin America.

“PArC is proud to have been part of the Latin American art scene since 2012.” explained Diego Costa Peuser, founder and Executive Director of PArC. “The fair has being a platform of creation and reflection for artists, galleries and collectors from around the world.”- Costa Peuser continued – “the program emphasizes the stimulation of experimental and multidisciplinary work. Simultaneously, the selective process samples emergent artistic production from Latin America, while also recognizing the work of established and mid-career artists.”

Henrique Faría

Eric Decastro

Sculpture by Peruvian artists Horacio Goitre Testino. The project is titled Angel’s Trumpet and it looks to awaken the audience’s fantasy and curiosity by playing the known and the mysterious elements of a natural element: a floripondio. Covering an area of 1,500 square meters it generates a space for temporary ideas with ever-changing colors and sounds.

Evelyn Tovar Toro

Galería Impakto Lima

Ana Teresa Barboza

Alejandro Jaime

Perú Arte Contemporaneo – PArC 2016 welcome the Feria Tijuana de Arte Impresa (Tijuana Printed Art Fair), which started in Sao Paulo in 2009. This fair researches and focuses on books by artists from around the world and it has experience exponential growth since its inception.