Little Worlds

By Tessa Horrocks

Tessa Horrocks is a print-maker based in London who makes delicated prints using the ‘intaglio’ technique collagraph. Influenced by microscopic structures and nature she likes to create images about little worlds within worlds, often describing feelings and energies inside her self and to her surroundings. She enjoys the technique collagraph for its simplicity and its textures and has used this to create a series of recent prints celebrating the pebble.

Other Works

Collography,is a printmaking process in which materials are applied to a rigid substrate (such as paperboard or wood). The plate can be intaglio-inked, inked with a roller or paintbrush, or some combination thereof. Ink or pigment is applied to the resulting collage, and the board is used to print onto paper or another material using either a printing press or various hand tools.