Bunnie & The Cosmos

Bunnie´s work invite us to go back in our story and looking like children do, because in the imagination anything is possible. Her art mixes with great delicacy an ancestral  and subconscious world view, with notes full of color and life.
Bunnie  Reiss is a traveller and a storyteller, she express herself  with a very deep focus, bringing together materials, community, cultures, experiences, the past and the present. She wishes to map out unusual lives, find hidden and forgotten places, build a unique visual history, and weave it all together as one.

“Best of all possible worlds” is the etymological meaning of the word optimistc, and is a great description for Bunnie Reiss , a traveller that express trough her art the best of all possible worlds.

Cosmis Animal Gloves

“I’ve always been excited by how easy it is to take something old, transform it, and give it a new life. My Cosmic Animal Gloves are one of my favorite on-going projects where I get to play with the idea of old and new, symmetry and our strange connection to the cosmic world of spirit animals. These darlings are hand-painted, museum-quality framed and unique in every possible way” Bunnie.

Cosmic Customs

Photos by Helena & Laurent Martin

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