Alagoas 1981

Music Short Film

 Music: Alagoas    Directed by: Fernando “Del” Reginato    Starring: Johnny Massaro and Bianca Comparato  Director of Photography: Will Etchebehere     Editor: Tiago Feliciano

Music videos have become a big trend in the last years, giving us the opportunity to discover at the same time awesome music bands and rising filmmakers. In this production of  Conspiração Filmes, the talent of brazilian director Fernando “Del” Reginato cross paths with the oneiric indie-pop of Alagoas, the result: Alagoas 1981. Special mention too for the fabulous photography work of Will Etchebere.

Alagoas is a Brooklyn based- and brazilian influenced- trio formed by Stuart Bidwell, Katherine Brown & Wilson Brown. With a small army of instruments, this genuine band performs nostalgic melodies with a strong personality in their self-titled debut Album, Alagoas.