Identity and Aesthetic

Traveling without moving

“It is known that the clothing does not express the person but constitutes it; or rather it is known that the person is not other thing than this wished image which the clothing allows us to believe in …”

Roland Barthes

Throughout history every dress code has fully expressed the minds and hearts of every generation in a comprehensive timeline, changing very little from one century to the next. Until the last one. During the past five decades, human life in general and fashion in particular have experienced a critical process of acceleration. Crossing cultural references, discovering textiles and techniques , challenging social schemes and exploring the boundaries of aesthetics and identities.

A long, colorful, noisy, complex, sometimes bumpy (specially when looking at past pictures from the 80’s and 90’s), but always new path. We now travel fast, we travel far and, by dreaming,-wishing-and-expressing-ourselves, we travel in time.

Back and forth. Without moving.

This video piece directed by Gabriel Tineo and designed by Abrazos Cosmicos illustrates this process. A constantly changing scheme of beliefs and colors and cultural layers, where fashion trendsetters always await for us, five minutes in the future.