Choreographies of Movement by Benjamin Ducroz

Visual Artist

Spinning Daggers, 2015.

live action, sculpture

A series of small wooden zoetrope sculptures composed next to trees during autumn. the sculptures consist of 18 instances – their form is in the shape of different sine and triangle waves modulating over 18 frames. three of seven models were filmed. documentation bellow. (featuring Aldo!)

Benjamin Ducroz is a multimedia artist based in Melbourne. He creates dynamic videos and animations inspired by shapes, patterns and movement found in the nature, performing vibrating choreographies.

«I enjoy working with abstraction and playing with form through moving images and sound.  I try to find interesting ways of presenting and making movement.»

His work is focused in moving images, specifically the form of the medium. Even that he works with different techniques, Benjamin is attracted by the older ones, because of the human touch.

«Making things which people have not seen before is very exciting»

He uses to be involved in more than one prototype at the same time, sometimes they finish to be combined in one, sometimes they don´t work, but it is enjoying the process where an artist grows and experience it´s own art.

 «I am very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to make things I imagine»

Alongside his art practice Benjamin is an accomplished motion designer, and has worked for the likes of 1stavenuemachine, superfad and mtv.

Benjamin’s work:
London International Animation Festival
Shanghai World Expo
Asian Art Biennale (Taiwan)
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
F5 festival (USA)
Onedotzero (U.K)
Rencontres Internationales (Paris/Berlin/Madrid)

polycon : stadiums queensland 2013


made for ‘kick off’, a curated program of contemporary video art.the ‘kick off’ project has provided a rare opportunity to create a public art program that seeks to explore the boundaries between art and sport

Cumulo 2013

stopmotion, timelapse, sculpture

made for ‘channels’ – the australian video art festival

yijala yala project : big hART

Live action

Yijala Yala Project is a long-term, multi-platform arts project based in Ieramugadu (Roebourne, Western Australia) focused on telling the story of the community’s culture, history and future in a range of media: theatre, film, games, iPad applications and music. Through arts and digital media skill development and content creation, it explores the inter-connection between past, present and future, young people and older generations, ancient and modern culture and how critical they all are to the heritage of the ‘now’.