ONESIXONE is a luxury handbag brand created in Spain that explores the universe of the Golden Ratio. This divine proportion and its application to art, architecture and design, and its potential for insights into the more spiritual aspects of life is the source of inspiration and imagination for the brand.

“ONESIXONE combines a brutalist view with a romantic dream, building, thereby, a dialogue between nature and architecture”, says Adrian Salvador, the talented designer and creative director of the brand. Together with the jewellery designer Helena Rohner  have created a limited edition of 161 bags that explores the contemporary femininity.

For each collection, the brand invites an emerging artist who will express their cultural values through their view, hands and emotions.

The artist chooses techniques, the materials, colors or shapes and decides whether these items are simply containers or if they contain themselves. Each collection, each bag has its own history, its own space. Exploration and inspiration, arts and crafts, wellness and individuality were the criteria and principles guiding ONESIXONE.

Vicky Uslé, the first artist of the project.

“As a painter, working with natural leather, an unfamiliar material to me, has allowed me to see and feel with different eyes, to discover something very different but also very near. To rub, punch, show sensitivity—in short, to experiment with the notion of stable imbalance and the possibilities that emerge from an encounter with the unexpec- ted. everything has a reason, and perhaps that is also why it is always so different.”  Vicky Uslé